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This is my personal biography website for Jeffrey Buck. Here you will find a variety of projects I am working on. I am going back to include past projects and future goals. You can see my documentary film on the runway expansion in Boston, or see my photography book I did on Nepal. I currently own Profile Your City, Inc with my wonderful wife Jenn. This company focuses on real estate website design and marketing. I have also created many great music Cd's for different projects over time. I plan on adding more projects and lots of creative ideas.


You can achieve your preferred lifestyle goals. From a villa, to a luxurious custom estate, to something in between Naples and the surrounding areas have a myriad of properties just waiting for you to make "home". Please check out our real estate company "Featured Home Listings" for searching and finding your next home.

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JoAnn Buck in Punta Del Este, Uruguay featuring Cooper Buck in the Back.

JoAnn Buck came in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. 

This exercise equipment is put here by the government to encourage exercise, you can't help thinking about it when you see people joining in.

Look at the view, the Atlantic Ocean is 100 yards away. These are set up all along the coast as well in the city. The thing I love, is it's simple, free and brings people together.

Jenn Buck rockin the mopeds in Maldanado, Uruguay.